Clocktower, Downtown Denver

This clock tower stands on the northern part of 16th street (I work at the far south end).  This past weekend I had to work – production deployment, so no one escapes alive – and my normal train doesn’t run on weekends.  So, I had to take the other train that goes downtown from where I live, which takes me to the opposite end of 16th.

While it cost me a Saturday morning of sleeping in (which, with a 7-month-old daughter means getting up at 7 instead of 5), I was able to walk through a part of downtown I don’t see very often.  I took this walking back to the station after the deployment, when the lighting was better than it had been in the morning.  I have a few others to post later, but now I’m on the very train that, by not running, gave me a chance to see a bit more of this beautiful city.


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