Like Glass by Matthew Cory - 978-1-906873-39-4

Breaking News: Like Glass Now Available on Kindle

Like Glass by Matthew Cory - 978-1-906873-39-4

That’s right: my début novel, Like Glass, is now available on the Kindle platform!  Accessible from four Amazon sites – U.S., U.K., French, and German – you can now have the story of Rob Jackson on any device that supports Kindle – including Android, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, and others!

A little more about the book:

Like Glass is, in essence, a love story. However, to say it is a romance would be misleading.

Rob Jackson is an entrepreneur who lives to work rather than works to live.  His best friend is a six-pack of beer and he leads a life that is convenient for him, but to others he merely exists.  This simple existence changes the day he receives a phone call which compels him to revisit his past and to tackle both an unfading love and an ever-present hate he’d tried diligently, and unsuccessfully, to forget.

As Rob’s past invades his present, he is forced to come face to face with a lost love and to confront years of painful truths that he had tried to ignore. He soon finds himself on a dark journey of regret and despair as he struggles to come to terms with the hand that life has dealt him.

Get it for Kindle:
Amazon US Store ($2.99)
Amazon UK Store (£2.15)
Amazon German Store (€2,99)
Amazon French Store (€2,99)
Note: The German and French storefronts are in their respective languages; however, the novel is only available in English at this time.

Or get the original paperback version:
The Book Depository ($9.55 – Free shipping worldwide!)
Amazon UK Store (£7.19)

Don’t forget to drop me a line when you read the book!


4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Like Glass Now Available on Kindle

    • I’ll talk to the publisher about it – you’re not the only one who’s asked about it, and I’m sure there would be many more people who want it on Nook than just what I’ve heard of.

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