Your American Bus Drivers League MVP Is…

I listen to ESPN radio most of the time I’m driving.  Often I’m not really in the mood for music, news depresses me, and I can’t stand politics.  So sports works out pretty good – makes me feel slightly more like the stereotypical guy.

One thing it almost always makes me imagine is what it would be like if “regular” jobs were handled similarly to a sporting league.  That’d be interesting, wouldn’t it?  Can you imagine being drafted as a first-round payroll clerk?  Or getting traded to another company?

“Hey man, did you hear about Jack?”
“No, what happened?”
“They traded him to Initech for a first-round pick, two Java developers, and a support tech.”
“Damn, that’s gonna hurt.  He had an awesome LOC* rating for a junior coder.”
“Yeah, but with the extra first round pick we might be able to get another designer and maybe a tester.”
“Right – there’s that one junior from MIT who’s supposed to be top in his conference in JUnit tests, both with and without mock classes.  If he declares early…”

(*LOC means Lines Of Code)

You’d have an all-star “game” where the best employees would compete against each other.  Then you’d have playoffs between the top companies, culminating in a championship.

“Tom Pritchard, you and your employees just won the 2013 Accountants Bowl.  What are you doing next?”
“I’m going to STAPLES!!!  Wooohooo!”

Okay.  Maybe I need to get out more.

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